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For patients currently living in Ontario who are referred to the clinic by an Ontario physician, our services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Canadian residents outside Ontario can call our offices to discuss medical plans and coverage.

Patients living in Canada but outside of Ontario are covered by their provincial health plan for visits to see our physicians, with the exception of patients from Quebec. Patients from Quebec will have their costs partially covered by the Quebec health plan, but must arrange for the remainder of the cost to be covered by private insurance. We can discuss this with you when you book your first appointment. Patients are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations.

At this time we do not offer treatment to patients who reside outside Canada due to liability insurance limitations.

Additional Resources

If you are disabled or a caregiver for someone who is disabled, taking care of expenses can be stressful and complicated. The Canadian Tax and Benefit Guide For Persons With Disabilities has been generously provided for you to use by Sloan Group Chartered Accountants. We hope you find this guide helpful and send best wishes on behalf of Sloan Group and the Centre For Pain Care.