Refer a Patient

Patient Referrals

If you are a physician or medical specialist who needs to refer a patient to our clinic, please call us and we can fax you a copy of our referral form, or you can download a copy below.

Please complete the form with the patient’s information and fax it back to us along with any information about the patient that may be helpful in treating or diagnosing their condition. If possible, please include the results of diagnostic tests, reports from other specialists, and a list of the patient’s medications.

Please print the referral form and fax it to 416‐512‐6375. Once we receive the form, we will contact the patient directly.

Download Referral Form


How long will the patient have to wait for the first appointment?

It takes about one week to process the paperwork for a referral. We are a very busy clinic and there is always a waiting period. There are many factors, which influence the wait time including patient load and number of doctors currently available to perform treatments. If you call the clinic, we can give you an estimate of the waiting period based upon current conditions.


Patients Seeking A Referral

If you are a patient seeking a consultation please ask your doctor to refer you to the clinic. You can download a referral form, or we can fax a referral form for to you to present to your physician. Your physician may also call our clinic and we will fax them a referral form upon request.

If you do not have a physician in your area due to a doctor shortage, it is possible that you may be accepted without a referral. It is best to get a referral from a physician so we can work with them during the treatment process.