Frequently Asked Questions

Patients living in Canada but outside of Ontario are covered by their provincial health plan for visits to see our physicians, with the exception of patients from Quebec. Patients from Quebec will have their costs partially covered by the Quebec health plan, but must arrange for the remainder of the cost to be covered by private insurance. We can discuss this with you when you book your first appointment. Patients are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with our clinic, you can direct them to this website. We have a dedicated physician portal that includes an overview of the services we provide, the treatments we offer, and referral forms and information.

You can also download our letter of introduction that you can print and give to your doctor. The introduction letter contains contact information and an overview of the services we provide.

A referral from a family physician is required to be seen at the Centre for Pain Care. Please have your doctor complete and fax a referral form to us, and we will call to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to obtain a referral, please call our office manager at 416-512-6407.

We do not have the facilities at our clinic to perform surgery. Patients are referred to a surgeon or neurosurgeon in their area.

Twenty percent of chronic pain patients diagnosed at our clinic are candidates for surgical treatment. Our experience indicates that surgery may significantly reduce pain, and in some cases totally relieve it.

For patients currently living in Ontario who are referred to the clinic by an Ontario physician, our services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Canadian residents outside Ontario can call our offices to discuss medical plans and coverage.

We treat patients with the following legal statuses: citizen, immigrant, refugee, and international student with UHIP coverage*.

*University Health Insurance Plan

We treat patients with pain centered in the face, head, neck and back.

We treat patients with all types of chronic pain, including those with extreme pain.

Chronic pain is defined as any pain lasting for more than three months. Chronic pain can be mild or severe, episodic or continuous, merely inconvenient or completely incapacitating.