About Us

The Toronto-based Silver Medical Group Centre for Pain Care (CPC) specializes in the diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic pain. We provide pain care treatments for patients suffering from various forms of pain, including head, neck, joint and back pain. Our caring doctors specialize in interventional treatments and minimally invasive techniques that can offer relief to patients suffering from everything from chronic headaches to degenerative disc disease.

We offer advanced solutions to achieve the best outcomes for chronic pain patients by combining the most innovative techniques with what works best for you.  Our patients find relief at the Centre for Pain Care after many years of unsuccessful treatments.  This is because we offer an experienced team of pain management physicians and staff who will do anything it takes to support our patients on their path to wellness.

Our pain clinic is designed with the patients needs in mind by providing unique treatment programs and specialized strategies.  Our team develops an individualized plan of action to support pain relief through a multi-disciplinary approach, ensuring patients are getting the specific help they need on their journey through pain management to recovery.  Our dedicated staff members are made up of caring and passionate individuals including:

  • Doctors
    • Anesthesiologists
    • Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists
    • General practice physicians with additional training in pain management
  • Nurses
  • Support staff


Mission Statement

Our patients come first.

The mission of the Silver Medical Group Centre for Pain Care (CPC) is to provide leading edge pain therapies. We maintain best practices in patient care and infection control.  The CPC strives to deliver patient-centered care, helping people live healthier, happier and more successful lives.